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When using -merge-killlists, or it shorter form -merge-klists the indexer will not filter the dst-index docs with src-index killlist, but it will merge their kill-lists together, so the final result index will have the kill-list containing the merged source kill-lists.
What is an Indexer in C? - Definition from Techopedia.
An indexer provides an indirect method of inserting boundary checking logic. Due to its intuitive nature, an indexer improves code readability. An indexer is often used to implement a stack so that its contents may be accessed without item removal.
'A' day in the life': Serious Crime Analysis Section Crime Indexer - National Crime Agency.
The Crime Indexer is the first port of call for queries from their forces and they provide advice, information and support to their designated contacts to help them in identifying and submitting cases to SCAS. It is also via the designated force contacts that SCAS receive their case submissions and the Crime Indexer is responsible for processing these.
What Is Microsoft Windows Search Indexer? Small Business - Asset 19. Asset 19. hearst newspapers.
You can alleviate this issue by opening the Indexing Options section of the Control Panel and reducing the amount of content tracked by the Search Indexer. It is also possible to disable the Search Indexer by turning off the Windows Search service.
NLM Medical Text Indexer MTI.
In 2011, MTI was designated as the First-Line Indexer MTIFL for 14 journals 89 in 2013 because of its success with those publications. For MTIFL journals, MTI indexing is treated like human indexing and, of course, subject to the normal manual review process.
Hiring an indexer.
if possible, provide a table of contents and a sample chapter not the introductory chapter or sample items if a journal or database index to give the indexer a clear idea of the topic and the level at which the publication is being pitched.
Ucommerce Documentation - How to run the Scratch Indexer.
How to run the Scratch Indexer. The scratch indexer is a background process that runs all the indexers. Triggering this will rebuild all the indexes from scratch. How to run via UI. You can run the indexer from the UI.
INDEXER is a valid scrabble word.
INDEXE D INDEXE S. One suffix New word found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word. 2 anagrams plus one New words formed with all the letters from the word plus a letter. S INDEXER S.
Indexer SirsiDynix.
Once a document is located within Indexer, the user simply double clicks on the citation, and if appropriate a third party product is opened e.g, MS Word and the item is displayed. EOS.Web Indexer provides a total, integrated solution that satisfies an organization need to provide access to electronic information from worldwide content providers, library bibliographic information, and internal documents.

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